Don’t Just Build An App. Build A Mobile Business.

The mobile app industry is serious business, but it can be fun as well. Lessons required to advance an app range from start a business, not just an app, to building a brand and measuring performance. TechCrunch goes into great detail about mobile business success.


This guest post is written by Charles Yim, Manager of Google Mobile Partnerships. Yim worked on the business development team of mobile ad network AdMob, which was acquired by Google in 2009 for $750 million. He now manages strategic partnerships within the games industry as part of Google’s mobile display advertising business.

Would you open a store without preparing for anything beyond its grand opening? Of course not. You need to plan for success; this is true of all businesses, including mobile. People often tell me about their “great app ideas” but when I ask them what their plans are post-launch, they usually don’t have a good answer. It’s like having a ribbon-cutting ceremony for your new store and expecting everything to just take care of itself from there.

App developers need to understand that there’s more to a successful app than just a good product and a…

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