17 Ways to Make a New Year’s Resolution You’ll Actually Keep

17 Ways to Make a New Year’s Resolution You’ll Actually Keep

I made a storify to show off instances of Twitter humor in response to the outage. http://www.lsureveille.com/web/here-s-how-you-responded-to-the-facebook-outage/html_6cc23446-a5f7-11e4-ad6c-4fa0edc5d844.html


Many of us who have used this time of year to turn our bodies around have fallen into the same cycle of failure: We’re frustrated with our size or weight, we vow that this is the year of skinny jeans, and we promise to skip the daily fataccinos.

On January 1, we’re all in. I’m going to do it! A month, a week, or a day later, we’ve backed out. Helloooo double-decker corned beef! To avoid the same fate in ’15, use these tactics while creating your diet and exercise declarations.

  1. Nowadays, the word “resolution” almost comes with the understanding that you’re going to fizzle out by February. Better to re-frame the process and call it a goal. Or give it a life of its own with a name, like Operation Less-Jiggle, or The 2015 Strategic Body Re-Engineering Implementation Strategy, or Fred.
  2. Vague platitudes (“lose some weight”) are less effective…

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