Police Misconduct Watchdog App

We’re tackling the Manship Knight Social Media News Challenge. Learn why we’re striving to create a police watchdog app.

The Manship School's Knight Grant Blog

Student managing the project: Wilborn P. Nobles III

Other students involved: Aryanna Prasad, Elbis Bolton

Adviser: James Shelledy

Category: Watchdog

Purpose: With the continuation of police misconduct and the ubiquity of social media platforms, millennials have a unique opportunity to hold discriminating officials accountable by reporting these transgressions to a validated platform. This phenomenon requires a more streamlined digital curation to reinforce how journalists, communities, and organizations can collaborate to hold society’s public officials accountable. We’re working to provide that system by creating an app for users to share their experiences with police misconduct directly with newsrooms and organizations, working to address public issues.

Process: Our app will provide a form for users to enter their name (optionally) and the police misconduct information, then they can simply tap submit. Users can optionally post a video or audio of the situation in real time without…

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