Hell No, We Wont Go: No Fake Net Neutrality for Racial Justice Advocates | Perspectives | BillMoyers.com

Net Neutrality protest at Google HQ (Photo: Flickr / Steve Rhodes / CC 2.0)

“A cornerstone feature of a democratic nation is the ability of its residents to raise a dissenting voice. As the racial wealth gap widens, incarceration of people of color exceeds even 1960s rates, and racial stereotypes in the media fuel white vigilante murders of blacks and a broken immigration system — the need to level the playing field for representation is at an all time high.”

-Malkia Cyril

Hell No, We Wont Go: No Fake Net Neutrality for Racial Justice Advocates | Perspectives | BillMoyers.com.


Outrage: Why I Will No Longer Follow Humans of New York

“I find it morally repugnant and deplorable that my voice, an educated and reasonable one, was silenced for telling the truth. I find it disgusting that if I had not challenged the status quo, if I had not challenged a white man on a blog run by another white man, if I had simply praised him for the good without criticizing the problematic, my comments would most certainly still remain.
I am sad to say that I will no longer follow Humans of New York.”

Black Girl Blog

I experienced something incredibly unpleasant today.

The blog Humans of New York, which I have loved ever since I moved to New York City, blocked me from commenting on a post and deleted my comments.


I told the truth. I feel like Huey Freeman.

I was not hateful, or ignorant, or abusive.

I simply commented on a post about a (white) man, a teacher in the neighborhood of Harlem, that spoke about how difficult it is for the students to extract themselves from poverty because there is not a “culture of expectation” at home.

Nearly all of the comments were patting him on the back as a hero and great guy, but I thought differently. I commented, “A ‘culture of expectation’ is hard when you are in a ‘culture of I work 16 hours a day.’” I also stated that though his heart was in the right place, his…

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