NPR’s Solange Knowles interview is awesome

220px-Solange_Knowles_at_the_Ruby_LoungeNPR launched a new program series called “I’ll Take You There,” with professor, writer and musician Jason King as its host. To quote the NPR story, “It’s a lot like the 24/7 stream of hip-hop that” Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest and  host. Kelley and Ali Shaheed Muhammad spoke with Solange on various topics and it was amazing (You just have to check out the interview before reading any further).




They play songs that all three of them cite during the actual interview and it makes for a greater experience for everyone involved. It makes me wonder if this sort of music journalism can apply to other interviewees because I’d love to try it should I manage to interview artists one day.

Then again, this is a) Solange Knowles and b) a broadcast interview. I’m not a huge follower of either sister, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I feel like Solange more or less influenced that “latent feminism” the media is now acknowledging within Beyonce. But again, I’m not a huge follower of either.

I’m just saying that Solange is probably a more in-depth subject to interview in contrast to a street smart, gangster-oriented music artist perhaps. I say this fully knowing that there were many gangster rap artists with poignant insight into the rap industry, so ultimately I think this manner of interviewing can work well in music journalism.

This is also broadcast, and radio at that. Most of my experience with TV and radio comes from being in front the camera/mic as a subject but I imagine the atmosphere is different for journalists interviewing the subject.

Either way, this was a great interview.

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