The JiveBike Is A Fold-Up Electric Bike With Style

The JiveBike Is A Fold-Up Electric Bike With Style

I want this bike. Now.


We’ve seen more personal e-vehicles sprout up in the last year than I care to remember, but today yet another joins the fray.

Meet the JiveBike.

Unlike one category of e-bikes that look and feel just like a regular bike, the JiveBike’s appearance is a bit different. It has a low center bar, which holds the batteries and the Raspberry PI CPU that’s running the show. But, at the same time, the JiveBike doesn’t look so different from a traditional bike that you will turn into some spectacle on the road.

Oh, and it folds.

We’ve seen e-vehicles that fold down to compactness before — the Urb-E, in particular, comes to mind — but not very many e-bikes maintain the appearance of a real bike and still fold down to something more manageable.

Screenshot 2014-03-24 09.54.30

The JiveBike can last 20 miles on a two-hour charge, with a maximum speed of…

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