Subaru’s Totally Insane New Television Ad May Haunt You

“Obviously, the writer knows nothing about those weird giants gradually became phenomenon in Japan over the past 5 years starting from paperback cartoon to animation, and now movie is being made. So ridiculous to read someone without any grasp of local background and write such skin deep article, and earn money.


The writer says ‘ Totally Insane New Television Ad ‘ If a vicious velociraptor appears on some tie-up TV ad, and some foreigner who knows nothing about Jurassic Park thinks that ‘totally insane As’, will that be that considered professional critic. It will be fine, some American citizen happens to watch this ad on TV while travelling Japan and gets surprised.


But, this writer is a professional writer. If he wants to call someone totally insane, he just should do more study rather than just referring a blog by someone called Kotak. It’s a shame of this writer showing lack of professionalism. Nothing more, nothing less. ”


-The anonymous user ogrequeen makes a striking point on this story. Being an anime and manga fan, I totally agree.

Business & Money

Japanese television ads have a richhistory of, um, creativity. The latest spot from Japanese automaker Subaru for its Forester SUV is sure to rank among the strangest. The spot, which premiered on Japanese television at the end of January, shows a Forester making easy work of a wet mountain road. The ad’s first ten seconds or so play out as you might expect, exterior shots, interior shots, that sort of thing. Then, things get weird as a series of giant grotesques attempt to crush the vehicle and the soundtrack goes all Carmina Burana. According to gaming blog Kotaku, the figures are titans from the popular Japanese anime Attack on Titan. Confidence in motion, indeed.


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