These Are Brian Griffin’s 14 Best Moments From ‘Family Guy’


He was a hopeless alcoholic, a subpar writer, a womanizer, and all too often a pretentious jerk. But Brian, the Griffin family dog in the long-running animated series Family Guy, provided an anchor for his masters like no dog could — enduring Peter, supporting Lois, educating Chris, encouraging Meg, and raising Stewie.

Creator Seth McFarlane and the Family Guy crew put an end to all that Sunday night, when their latest episode ended in Brian’s gruesome death from being hit by a car. He was 8 — in dog years. Executive producer Steve Callaghan told E! that the writers saw getting rid of a cast member as “a fun way to shake things up.”

“It seemed more in the realm of reality that a dog would get hit by a car, than if one of the kids died,” Callaghan said. “As much as we love Brian, and as much…

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