On The Expectations of Poor People To Be Super Human

“Reject the “boot straps” mentality. It’s about as relevant to reality as Stacey Dash is to the film industry.” Interesting perspective!


With the recent government shut down, there has been a renewed interest from conservatives in the lives and practices of those who receive any and all forms of government aid. A recent addition to these attacks has been people who work minimum and/or low wage jobs. In a discussion that went from last night to midday today, a group of people tried convincing me that people were only in minimum wage jobs because they want to be and have no right to complain because better paying jobs are abundant. Needless to say, I felt like I was in the twilight zone.  The lack of logic or nuance in this argument was mind numbing. They all refused to consider the fact that some people live in areas of the country where diverse jobs are not plentiful, the notion that some people work in minimum wage jobs while in college or job…

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